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On Track helps young people get into work, education or training


Confidential, friendly support from coaches who understand your challenges and can help you to set and reach goals.


GO Programme workshops and courses to develop your skills and confidence.

GO Programme

Help to find the jobs and training that are right for you.

Move On

Mentors to give you more help and support when you need it once you’ve reached your goal. A chance for you to get involved in the project.


Working with our young people after lockdown…

Our coaches having been working hard after lockdown, re-engaging our young people and finding places to meet with them to hold their coaching sessions. Offering a safe and clean space for young people to attend has been crucial to our service continuing face to face work and a service which our young people can rely upon.

We have also offered some participant led DnD (Dungeons and Dragons). These sessions have been run by Drew (one of our participants). Drew commented “I set up the DnD sessions in order to help people with team work and give people a chance to socialise coming out of lockdown”.