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On Track helps young people get into work, education or training


Confidential, friendly support from coaches who understand your challenges and can help you to set and reach goals.


GO Programme workshops and courses to develop your skills and confidence.

GO Programme

Help to find the jobs and training that are right for you.

Move On

Mentors to give you more help and support when you need it once you’ve reached your goal. A chance for you to get involved in the project.


Diary of a Rising Phoenixx (A Participant’s Story)

‘The Bridge Society’

To try to help deal with my anxiety, my On Track coach and I agreed I’d go to a meetup with a group called ‘The Bridge Society’ (with her joining me to help my feel more comfortable).
The day arrived, and as agreed, I waited for her outside a café. I saw a young lady approach (though my eyesight has never been the best, and she was a tad too far away for proper identification) – she waved, and I automatically waved back, before immediately starting to wonder if it was definitely her, and whether I had (yet again) waved to someone I wasn’t meant to. It was a relief when she got close enough for me to actually recognise her.
We headed to the café where the rest of the group were already waiting. We exchanged names and had a brief “This is my name… I’m doing this with my life right now…” – standard stuff; I was a little hesitant to introduce myself, but did so anyway (though my coach had offered to do it for me).
I was my usual quiet-anxious self initially – not helped by my coat zip getting stuck, leaving me the only person still wearing a coat until I shifted out of it like it was a top; though we all laughed it off, so it wasn’t such an issue; I knew it would be noticed, but at least I was able to laugh too, knowing they weren’t laughing at me.
The people were friendly, the venue pleasant, and so I managed to settle pretty quickly – made easier still when most of them opened up about having anxiety and enjoying creative writing. The time slipped by, and before I knew it, an hour and a half had passed.
Although still a little unsure about being around the group, I did something I never thought I would do, and agreed to travel with them to the theatre for a show (results pending).